Mortgage credit even if you: your credit

Mortgage credit even if you: your credit

Due to delays or a cessation of payments, bankruptcy or otherwise, you have found yourself in a dead end and are currently stuck at the National Bank of Belgium but you want a personal loan to upgrade. You have to know that solutions remain. Be stuck at the NBB, how do you define it? Being stuck or being in litigation means that you are in a soft financial situation and that you will not be able to ask for loans until they are erased.

Can I borrow while being registered at the NBB? Being registered at the National Bank of Belgium (BNB) does not necessarily imply being in financial difficulties. This file collects all loans to individuals: real estate loans, absorption loans, auto loans, opening credit from supermarkets or connected to a credit card, … in default of payment or not.You have been declared banned bank following a dispute or late payment with your financial institution? This implies that you can no longer buy an installment loan as long as your negative statements appear at the National Bank.

This does not show, however, that you can no longer borrow, if you still have borrowing capacity, it is possible to obtain a solution if you own a residential home or mixed (residential-trade ). the law now prohibits the refinancing of credits or credits through an installment loan if you are registered, but allows instead to analyze the feasibility of a solution through a homeowner loan.

These restrictions make it possible to avoid over-indebtedness, it is also a protection for the customer. You can still adopt an online loan company, an online loan scenario will help you to see more clearly, free of all commitment but to be able to receive a loan, you must imperatively not have late payments on your loans currently in progress. if you are registered with the NBB, it will be unrealistic to also benefit from a credit via internet. Beware of the revolving credit (or opening of credit) which can be tempting at first sight. it is necessary to put at the disposal of the one who takes the loan a sum which will be reusable in a staggered way of the repayment of this one.

It is an opening of an account, where you benefit from a debit balance which allows you to carry out banking operations as you wish. The risk of debt remains expensive, you can end up repaying monthly payments too rich compared to your ability to repay. And have a mortgage, is it possible? It all depends on which part you are registered with the NBB. Positive side? No major worry, it will suffice to estimate your ability to repay.

Have I, despite my census on the obscure recap, to subscribe to a new credit? nIf you are on black listing and you do not have real estate (land), you can not apply for new credit. This applies to all types of loans.As much as the lender has the legal obligation to consult the obscure list before granting you this credit. Your existing loans must, of course, still be refunded to the lender. If you still want to borrow money, you will have to opt for alternative means. For example, you can ask your family or a friend to make a loan. However, it is probably better to postpone your plans and try to save some money.

How to overcome an over-indebtedness?

How to overcome an over-indebtedness?

Over-indebtedness is reached as soon as your words exceed your means. You are used as over-indebted when your debt ratio exceeds the legal threshold of 33%. The cause of over-indebtedness is often the excessive range of loans that inevitably lead to insolvency. This shows that you are no longer able to pay off your debts, at least in the matters agreed upon by the contracts. To overcome your overindebtedness, you have several possibilities. The first is to enter into negotiations with your creditors to take advantage of a development that allows you to repay your loans in better conditions. This involves taking advantage of additional time or debt reduction. You can satisfy them by submitting a recovery plan perfectly prepared with the help of a mediator from the Public Social Assistance Center. Of course, the last word goes to your creditors. When your creditors reject your proposal, you have only one last solution: create and file an over-indebtedness file.

This is a legal proceeding, failing an amicable agreement with the creditors. A loan mediator is mandated by the courts to analyze your case and propose its solution to the creditor and the judge. The solution may be a redeemed repayment schedule, a credit reset, or simply the cancellation of your debt. It is the judge who will decide in the end on the final solution to adopt, on the advice of the mediator. Whether you have landed on the black listing of the NBB or you have all the creditors at your heels, you now know that there is a possible outcome to leave the over-indebtedness, provided you put yours.

The FICP credit for banking ban You are banned banking or in situation of carding at the Bank of France and you can not subscribe new credits. The FICP Credit Prohibited Bank is a solution to leave this impasse. Discover our solutions adapted to your situation. The FICP credit for homeowners to be registered FICP represents an additional problem in the geolocalisation of a solution to correct your financial situation and this prevents you from launching you in new perspectives. Yet there are solutions adapted to the owners of real estate. To take advantage of a credit redemption solution when you own a FICP file, your situation must match the financial partner selection criteria. EIG Finance using a strong network of banking partners can help you climb a receivable file and gain new credit.

Regularization of the situation The FICP registration results from a payment incident. If the incident is resolved (ex: adjustment due to unpaid, ..), the registration can be waived and credit possibilities reopened.Failing this, the registration will be maintained for a period of 5 to 10 years depending on the fact having generated the file. to have funds, the individual stuck will have to move towards alternatives to the banking system.

Alternatives to the banking system Advancing on inheritance: receiving at the right time Donation helps its beneficiaries when they need it. is the basis of the advance on inheritance, which is useful for transmitting a section of its patrimony, in anticipation (or not for the case of donations out of inheritance). Receiving real estate or a sum of money as a donation can help pay off unpaid debts and restore financial health by providing substantial funds, and not to borrowing.